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      Anhui Huangshan Capsule Co.,Ltd.
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      Centered on customers, Huangshan meets customer needsto its fullest ability! and create customized service experts. At the same time, Huangshan capsule holds on the spirit of the medical ethics to set the standard for physical and mental health and aims to become a leading enterprise to guide the development of the industry in the industry of medicine and auxiliary capsule. Huangshan capsule wins the market with credibility, returns society with quality, in order to catch the target that contains all sorts of medicine and emerge virtue for all people.

      We will hold together with our unremitting effortsand constant development to impel us to go forward with the support and expectation from all sectors of the society.

      We will take the boat of Huangshan capsule withour lifelongpassion and wave the oar of national industry of medicine auxiliary capsule manufacturing, then steer to life oasis of human health!

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